Ootd Prom Edition!

I’m super excited about my first Fantage prom.  I love all the limiteds, but I can’t afford any of them. :/ Oh well.  To celebrate the occasion, I put together a few formal, prom-y outfits.

ootd prom1

ootd prom2

ootd prom3

Sorry the images are so big, but I wanted to get as much of the prom backgrounds as possible.  I’m super pumped for part two of the prom event, coming on the 25th.

Anyway, exams just ended for me and now I have a million times more free time :’) which hopefully means more posts!

Thanks for reading,

Jojo ♥


Ootd 9

Today’s Ootd uses some of the new Mother’s Day items!  I love the flower crowns and the outfits, but I’m so bummed because I wasn’t able to grab the teal outfit before Fantage made them available only in gold. 😦 And now I can’t get all the flower catching prizes….Ahhhh I’m so mad but let’s look at how I styled this stuff.

ootd may1 ootd may2 ootd may3

Out of the three, the first outfit is definitely my favorite.  I used both the event flower crown and the shoes, although they’re pretty obscured by the feather board.  I thought the Strawberry Hair worked really well with all of the items.  The second outfit is more cutesy and simple, and uses the teal event flower crown.  I like the color pallet in the third outfit, and I just like daisies in general. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed me for the short time I was able to come online!

Until next time,

Jojo ♥

An update 

Hi guys!  This post isn’t about Fantage or Tattered Weave or anything, but this is just a life update.  

I have been havin computer issues lately, which is why I haven’t been posting as frequently.  I also cannot play Fantage as much when my laptop is out of commission. 😦 I can play on mobile using a flash browser, but I can’t do everything without a mouse, and I also can’t make posts the same way as on my laptop because all of my photos are on my laptop!

I’m sorry for my lack of posts, but I wanted to give an update on my situation.  I promise I’ll have more posts out soon!

Thanks for reading!


Leveling Progress 5

This week I reached level 600 (finally!) and got the Guru Fan Accessory.


As seen in Ootd 8!  I love this accessory and I think it’s so cute.

I’ve been so slow leveling lately, I feel like I’ve hardly moved at all. :/ School has been killing me lately.  Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some more time on Fantage after this week’s over.  Someone send help.

Anyway, back to exams prep.


Jojo ♥

Ootd 8

Hello again!  Today’s Ootd is centered around the new Flowers in Bloom board!  I loved the cherry blossom-look, so I paired it with the fan accessory.  I also just got the Salmon Colored Ponytail, and I just love to look at it sparkle…lol.

ootd 8

I don’t have much more to say today!  Hopefully either today or tomorrow I’ll have another progress post for y’all.

See you later!

Jojo ♥

What do I Miss/Remember from Fantage?

Hello again.  I apologize for all the breaks in my posts; I’ve had some computer issues lately. :/ But I’m back!  For this post, I wanted to compile a short list of things that I remember from the last time I was on Fantage.  For those who don’t know already, I was on Fantage a few years ago for a long time!  I stopped playing and then came back on recently.  Of course, things are much different now.  I know lots of people who have been on Fantage since its inception, and have seen the site morph in tons of different ways!  Here’s what I have experienced in terms of what’s different and what I miss.  This isn’t a complete list, since I don’t want this post to get TOO long, but I think it sums up most of my feelings about new and old Fantage.

  • Games!  The games that I remember the most from way back when are Rocket Board and Staries.  I thought I was The Best at Rocket Board, and I played it all the time.  Although, I don’t remember getting any high scores or anything…?  I thought much the same about Staries.  I was SO GOOD at getting gems and whatnot.
  • No Island, Cruise, Lighthouse, Pet Town, Comet, and I don’t think even the school was there.  I think these new (relatively speaking, anyway) additions are really cool, especially Pet Town.  I like the island, but I think they could do more with it?  Like, they have a whole island, and there’s honestly not much to do there….There’s a few games, a couple shops, the underwater place, and CCC, but I think it has more potential than that.
  • Fashion shows!  I loved them then and I love them now.  I think they are super fun and, like with Rocket Board and Staries, I thought I was AWESOME at it.  I realize now that never winning probably means I wasn’t all that great at it, but hey, at least I had fun, right?
  • Old Fantage wasn’t so money-centered.  I know this has been said a million times by a million different people, but it really is true and it’s an ongoing issue.  I don’t remember being stopped at every turn and being pestered for memberships a few years ago.  I hate how there’s so many things you can’t do now if you’re not a member.  And I hate how they pressure you to buy gold just to get items.  The overall vibe of the site isn’t so fun anymore.  Instead, it’s greedy and soulless.  But that’s just my opinion.

Ootd 7

Today’s Ootd is brought to you by the color lavender!


After I got the Lace Skirt as a rare item, I was super inspired by lavender.  Although the skirt is beautiful, it was surprisingly hard to style with what I had!  I chose the similarly colored Purple Sunset Tee, long hair, and a matching hair accessory.  The Shiny Flower Pin doesn’t go well with much, so I sort of jumped at the chance to use it, lol.  I wanted the outfit to feel light and airy, so I thought the Pink Feather Board was a good fit.

Overall, this isn’t my favorite outfit in the world, although I like the color scheme.  I wish I had a better top and board to go with the lace skirt. :/ Oh, well.  They can’t all be winners!

I still look bomb,

Jojo ♥